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City Tours
You can enjoy the city attracctions with a guided tour and get the most of your trip with a tailored itinerary.

Main Square
Mexican Metropolis

An overview of the most iconic places in Mexico City, a panoramic experience to get acquainted with its attractions. Departing from your hotel, we head to the Historic District, close to Main Square we'll be watching the ruins of the Main Temple of the Aztecs, located in Mexico City Downtown. Then, Along Reforma Avenue you'll discover interesting monuments and buildings near the Pink Zone an area where several gay bars are located. Chapultepec Park and some interesting neighborhoods, like Polanco, Roma or Condesa. This tour is ideal on a rush visit to the city. More information.
8-hour tour. Daily, except Fridays. Book now

Splendor of Mural Painting

This tour explores North-east side of Old Mexico City. Departing from San Ildefonso to admire the extraordinary murals of Orozco, Rivera, Siqueiros and other great painters. This area has most prestigious colleges and the origins of the National University. During the tour you'll have the chance to enjoy the baroque altar pieces, a historic synagogue, and the splendid spaces in Santo Domingo Square.
Admissions and hotel pick up service included. Intensive walking.
8-hour. Starting 9:00 am. Tuesday to Sunday. Book now

City Trendy Neighborhoods

First visiting colonia Roma, a lovely residential area with a hipster twist, walking among period mansions, cool boutiques, art galleries, and open minded people. Then to her younger sister colonia Condesa, one of the trendiest gay districts in Mexico City. Here you'll find nice terraces, gourmet shops, wine bars, galleries, and original restaurants. Admissions and hotel pick up service included. Intensive walking.
8-hour walking tour. 10:00 am. Daily.  Book now

                            Maria Rivera Kiosk
he Art mix Tour
Enroll in t
his tour through Mexico City's visual arts scene in the charming neighborhoods like San Rafael, San Miguel or Juarez, where burgeoning activity mingles with the ultimate art galleries in town, showing local and international creators. A taste of Mexican wine gives a delicious twist to this experience. Admissions and hotel pick up service included. Intensive walking.
8-hour walking tour. Starting in the morning. Daily. Book now.

Mexican Cuisine Experience
Enjoy a Mexican food tour with all its flavor and color. We start walking through the busy stands of a typical food market, before enjoying a cooking class with a prestigious local chef in Mexico. During the tour you'll get familiar with ingredients, recipes and trends of Mexican cuisine while visiting interesting neighborhoods. Get a video glimpse of Mexican Cuisine.
6-hour Tour. Includes transportation from your hotel.
tour starting 10 am. Dinner tour starting 3 pm. Book now

Ask for your customized itinerary.

Half-day Walking Tours

pink shoes
Rainbow Downtown
Walking along the old streets and lovely colonial mansions and squares, where gay and lesbians had to face inquisition in early times, but also the first parties, clubs, and shops with colorful displays and bizarre objects. Downtown is a UNESCO's World Heritage Site, offering beautiful architecture, great museums and traditional first-class restaurants. Departing from Zocalo Central hotel (61 Cinco de Mayo Ave.).
4-hour walking tour. Starting 9:00 am. Daily.
Book now

Polanco Immersion

Experience chic Mexico City in the West End. Departing from a beautiful hotel we head to Lincoln park, at the heart of Polanco. Then, Along Masaryk and Horacio avenues you'll discover the starting point in Mexican contemporary architecture, visit some outstanding art galleries, and admire the works of David A. Siqueiros.
Departing from W Hotel (252 Campos Eliseos Avenue).
4-hour walking tour. Starting 9:00 am. Daily.
Book now

Hotel Geneve
The Pink Zone
Continue touring about gay history in modern times. First visiting the mansions in Juarez neighborhood, which started as an Aristocratic hub transforming into an eclectic and fascinating area called Zona Rosa. During the tour you'll know from famous people who struggled for freedom, and find the local gay bars.
Departing from Geneve hotel (130 Londres St.). 4-hour walking tour. Starting 3 pm. Daily. Book now

Contemporary Treasures

Discover Mexico City architecture near Buenavista train station: Vasconcelos library, botanical gardens, and El Chopo cultural center, these two jewels of the XXI Century offer great opportunities for culture and expressions for the LGBT comunity.
Departing from VIPS restaurant (131 Insurgentes Ave). 4-hour walking tour. Starting 9 am. Daily. Book now

A Traditional
handicrafts Insight
A time voyage full of color and fantastic colors on traditionally made objects in clay, wood, silver, cotton, wool, lacquer... all containing the soul of their creators. Finding its roots at the gorgeous Museo de Arte Popular to match with the native traditions, and then arriving to the handicrafts bazaar to get beautiful souvenirs. Departing from Hilton hotel (70 Juarez Ave.).
4-hour walking tour. Starting 9:00 am. Tuesday to Sunday.  Book now

Maximilian coach
The Emperor's secrets
At Maximilian's Royal mansion we'll be discovering his secrets, and the beauty he created around him in this castle: elegant chambers, nice gardens and impressive views of Mexico City from top of Chapultepec hill. A delightful surprise for everyone. Departing from Four Seasons hotel (500 Reforma Ave.).
4-hour walking tour. Starting in the morning. Except Mondays. Book now

National Art Museum
Glory and Progress
A voyage to Mexico in the XIX Century. Visiting the National Museum of Art, Mexican Army Museum and Post Office. On this tour you'll discover the  struggles of Mexicans to make a great modern nation, reflected on exquisite landscape paintings, portraits and magnificent sculptures. Hotel pick up service included.
Departing from Caballito sculpture (Manuel Tolsa Square, 8 Tacuba Street).
4-hour walking tour. Starting in the morning. Except Mondays. Book now

General features
  • Tours include: Certified tour guide in English, and admissions.
  • On Mondays you can take the Mexican Metropolis Tour, or the Pyramids Excursion.
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City Tours
Certified professional guide in English.

City Tours

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